Thousands of people took to the streets of British cities on Saturday

By | June 6, 2020
Thousands of people took to the streets of British cities on Saturday

Thousands of people took to the streets of British cities on Saturday to express their support for the black population and oppose racial oppression. The demonstrations are held contrary to the calls of the kingdom authorities not to organize public events in a pandemic.
The footage that Sky News broadcasts live shows that the entire square in front of the parliament in central London and the neighboring streets are filled with people, TOP-NEWS reports.
Similar demonstrations take place in other British cities – in Manchester, Leicester, Cardiff, Bath. The most popular slogans on people’s posters are “Black Lives Matter”. Earlier on Saturday, British Interior Minister Priti Patel urged people to refrain from protests in the face of a difficult epidemiological situation. She said that although she “perfectly understands” the desire of people to publicly express their point of view, coronavirus remains a serious threat.
“I would say to those who want to protest – do not do this. The rules very clearly indicate the prohibition of mass gatherings, ”Patel said.

At the same time, the footage shown by British television channels shows that the police are not making any attempts to impede the demonstrations or detain people. It is also noticeable that most people use masks or headbands to cover their mouth and nose.
America predicted “Maidan”
The action against racism and demanding justice in the case of the death in the USA of the African American George Floyd takes place on Saturday afternoon and at Concorde Square in Paris.
Previously, the police did not allow the rally at the US embassy, ​​cordoning off the entire quarter, in which, in addition to diplomatic missions, are also the French Ministry of Internal Affairs and the residence of the President of the country – the Champs Elysees

Unable to get to the originally planned place, people began to flock to the blocked Concord Square. Currently, several hundred people are at the police fence. People chanted “There is no justice – there is no peace” and “I can’t breathe”, many brought placards with the words “Justice to George Floyd”, “Let Us Breathe” and Black Lives Matter.
Several actions have already been taken in Paris against racism and police violence, in particular, on June 2, about 20 thousand people took to the streets of the city. The demonstrations were accompanied by riots and clashes with the police.
About 10 thousand people went to a rally against racism and in solidarity with American protesters in central Berlin.

The action began at 14.00, but Alexanderplatz square is already filled with people. The speaker’s call to “keep a distance of at least one and a half meters” was met with laughter by the participants – if they keep their distance, most will have to leave the area.
“For now, we cannot say exactly how many people are here. Obviously more than the declared, I think, up to 10 thousand people, ”a spokeswoman for the Berlin police said.
According to her, the police will not disperse the protesters for not observing the distance. Instead, they will ask the protesters to do this, as well as create additional space on the square, removing the fences on the approaches to the square and separating it from the carriageways.
Protests and riots in American cities began after the death of African American George Floyd due to the actions of a policeman. Curfews were imposed in a number of US cities; in Washington, it was again announced for two days.

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