Three subway trains collided in Naples 13 injured

Three subway trains collided in Naples 13 injured

The accident occurred on the ground section of the metro between Colli Aminei and Piscinola stations.
Three trains collided in the metro city of Naples. Thirteen people were injured, local newspaper Il Mattino reported on Tuesday, January 14.

It is noted that the accident occurred in the northern part of the city on the ground section of the tracks between the stations Colli Aminei and Piscinola. One of the trains was without passengers.

According to the city transport company, the movement of trains on one of the three “yellow” branch of the local metro has been stopped. Three nearby stations were closed to evacuate the injured. A total of 13 people were admitted to hospitals, including train drivers.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the collision was a human error.

Earlier, six people were killed in the construction of the metro in Tashkent. As a result of prolonged precipitation, 250 cubic meters of soil collapsed, which buried the workers under them.

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