Three U.S Navy aircraft carriers “infected” with coronavirus

Cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection among us Navy personnel have been recorded on several warships located outside the country. In addition to the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”, almost 300 crew members were infected, these are the sailors of two other aircraft carriers of us Navy: “Ronald Reagan “(is under repair in Japan) and”Nimitz”. This is today, April 9, reports CNN.
On the “Ronald Reagan” identified fifteen military personnel with a diagnosis of Covid-19.

The number of infected people on the Nimitz is not specified. According to the Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the US armed forces, John Hyten, there was a” small outbreak ” of coronavirus on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.
Tests of 286 sailors on board the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, moored off the island of GUAM (in the Western Pacific), tested positive for Covid-19. More than 90% of the crew members were tested. 2,329 sailors landed on the coast, 1,700 of which are in local hotels under quarantine, the Pentagon informed earlier. In total, the team of Theodore Roosevelt includes about 5,000 people.

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