To ruin the US economy in 60 days: Trump launched a “microblogging war” with Beijing in a coronacrisis

To ruin the US economy in 60 days: Trump launched a “microblogging war” with Beijing in a coronacrisis

Americans of Chinese origin — the evilest of them all, but I don’t blame them”.

So tweet US President Donald Trump once summed up the controversial press conference with his participation. After a verbal dispute with a journalist by the name of Jiang, the American leader has moved on to a written controversy on Twitter. First, he accused Barca Obama of the impotence of American medicine before the coronavirus COVID-19 and then responded to the joke that if the coronavirus gets to the Oval Office, it temporarily takes Nancy Pelosi. The American press is surely wasting themselves on “voynushki in microblogs”, Trump is missing the point. For example, thinking about moving Tesla Elon musk. And that hearing of this, China provides the U.S. Department of Commerce to withdraw from the sanctions the Taiwan silicon wafers in exchange for fee reductions for 79 goods from the United States.

While U.S. scientists looking for a vaccine against coronavirus, the country’s intelligence agencies in search of antidotes to Chinese hackers. The FBI goes to the lab and warns employees about the threats. New York Times says Beijing has thrown all her forces on the hunt for information about the vaccine, treatment, tests. China, supposedly even the students connected to profit from intellectual property in the United States.

“I’m unhappy with China. They had to nip the epidemic in the Bud. They could have stopped it right at the beginning. Now you’re telling me that they have hacked? I’ll just respond — nothing new! We are very closely monitoring it,” contends the President of the United States Donald trump.

Today at the congressional hearings by video conference the main infectious diseases of the United States, Anthony Fauci, told how the States have progressed in the development of a vaccine.

“In clinical development is 8 different versions of the vaccine, — reported the Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci. National Institute of Health, the USA working on this together with several companies. In January, I said that it would take us 18 months to achieve a result. But, if all goes well, the vaccine will have by the end of autumn — beginning of winter”.

States in the spread of the epidemic blame China. Trump to him a big list of complaints. Beijing, in his opinion, is inactive when COVID-19 was just beginning to spread around the world. China is charged with speculation masks. Now the White House is trying to hang on to the Chinese disaster with the American economy.

“President Trump created the most beautiful and powerful economy in the world in three years. But the Chinese Communist party dismantled it for 60 days”, — said Advisor to the President of the United States on trade issues Peter Navarro.

The epidemic of Trump is going to get even with China’s new protective duties. Although only in January 2020, they are reconciled in a trade war. China signed on to those that will buy American goods at $ 80 billion. But now Beijing wants the winter conditions of the transaction to review.

“No, I’m not interested, — has responded the desire of Beijing to Donald trump. We made a deal. Now they want to resume trade negotiations to obtain more favorable terms. China benefits from the United States for decades. Because we had people on this post who made it. Let’s see, will the China deal we made”.

Every third confirmed case of coronavirus comes from the United States. In the United States under a million four hundred thousand patients.

– Americans continue to die every day, every day we are seeing many new cases, asked the journalist to Trump.

“People are dying all over the world! And maybe you should ask about this China?! Don’t ask me! Ask China. And when you ask them, you can get a very unusual response,” said the representative of the media, the President of the United States.

A correspondent for CBS Wagyu Jiang is an ethnic Chinese woman who was born in China, the answer of the President was insulted.

“Sir, why are you telling me that I have to ask China? pointeresuetes she’s at the 45th American President.

“I’m telling you. I’m not saying this specifically to someone. I say to the one who asks me this nasty question. Please, next”, began the American President.

But to continue, trump wasn’t in the mood. He never gave the floor to the next journalist who interrupted a press conference and gone to Twitter, where I ask myself questions and he answers them. He wrote that he supports the decision by Elon musk to open after quarantine car the Tesla factory.

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“Tesla today resumes production, contrary to the orders of Alameda County. If someone is arrested, I pray that it was only I,” emboldened by the President in social networks.

10 th the Tesla factory to run was not allowed, although the rest of the giants in California have already earned. Musk has threatened to move production to other States. By the way, in China, this U.S. company sales increases.

Trump operates on the principle “in war all means are good”. The white house already prohibits Federal pension funds of America to invest in Chinese securities. Talking about billions of dollars. The financiers of the United States such actions are called risky and unjustified, but trump is adamant. By the middle of May 2020, the administration expects the funds of the solutions. China Eastern wisdom while watching what the Americans will do with the securities of China.

Though they are valuable, still paper. Beijing more confidence in the real sector. And he, despite calls for trump to leave China is not planning.

The Chinese market is that the first starts to get out of coronaries, working here for American companies is our only chance. From China to Trump’s answer to his fellow citizens.

“Less than one percent of companies are ready to move out the production. 70 percent do not plan to change anything, another 24 — ready to change the supply chain components, but not the production itself. So the vast majority appreciates your work in China,” — said the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China Greg Gilligan.

The admonitions of the White house succumbed in the truest sense of units: Apple partially translates the headphone Assembly in neighboring Vietnam. While Tesla is still in Washington sends greetings from Shanghai — in March, it has collected 10 thousand cars and an open platform in the Chinese first online store. ExxonMobil and does begin the construction of a huge petrochemical complex.

“This world-class complex, — said General Director of ExxonMobil Huizhou Chemical Co Lee Sinsyne. And he will help China reduce dependence on imported petrochemicals”.

Unlike Trump, who is threatening to inflate to China fees, Beijing reduces them from May 19 to 79 positions American imports. As it was stipulated.

And although, according to Chinese media, was the government of China and his hawks, who in response to the attacks from Washington offered to the former to break the agreement, especially what to buy in a crisis of goods at 200 billion China will not be easy, and a full-fledged trade war Washington force of the epidemic remained, Beijing will remain faithful to the agreements.

“The first phase of trade agreements beneficial to both countries and the world. Both countries must uphold the principles of equality and mutual respect, and jointly implement the agreement”, — explained the press-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Zhao Lijiang.

Before the accusations of Chinese hackers, supposedly trying to find out the secret of the American vaccine, the Chinese TV answered it right.

And what’s the point for China to steal the vaccine if China’s already four in the second phase of clinical trials. One showed the journalists VGTRK in the lab.

Possible future antidote. An experimental vaccine based on the so-called Vero cells has already reached the second stage of clinical trials.

“We must do everything as soon as possible. No matter who does it, us, or somebody else. The main thing that it happened,” — said the head of the research center for the development of vaccines SINOVAC Yin Weidong. All the time that Washington made unproven accusations, he received more than one hundred million sets of personal protective equipment from Beijing every day, the Chinese Embassy in Washington recalled