Tom Cruise and SpaceX will make a “space” movie

Tom Cruise and SpaceX will make a

Cinema technology goes to a new level. If before people appreciated special effects, now they are treated with less and less admiration. Yes, this is certainly spectacular, but the play of actors in real conditions is valued more than any computer simulations. Amazingly, there are no scenes in films about space where actors would play directly in space itself!

Actor Tom Cruise and private space company SpaceX, owned by Ilon Mask, want to correct this gap. The third side of this interesting project is NASA, where they also showed interest in art that has reached cosmic heights. Newly-made partners hatched a plan for the filming of a new adventure film (action movie), in which there will be scenes in outer space. The project has reached its earliest stage, so it does not feature the name of any movie studio. This issue is probably being discussed and worked out.

Recalling the film, which became the cinema hit “Mission Impossible,” it can be assumed that Cruise will star in its sequel. However, it is not. The new film will not be associated with “Mission”. However, there will be something in common. This, as Tom himself emphasizes, is his desire to independently perform the riskiest tricks. This actor always does everything himself, refusing to replace him with professional stuntmen. Despite careful preparation, sometimes there are unfortunate accidents that result in injuries, as happened in the last episode of the aforementioned film when Cruz injured his ankle.

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Cruise has every chance to go down in the history of cinema, as the first actor to star in space.