Tom Hanks is arrested. The terrible secret of the world elite is revealed.

To begin with, many of you have already heard the story, or rather the theory that literally blew up Instagram in recent days, but nowhere in the Western press is there the slightest mention of this. The other day on instagram, in one of the groups, I saw screenshots of comments with a huge amount of insults and swearing at Tom Hanks, and several other stars. Let me remind you that on March 12, on a personal page on Instagram, a Hollywood actor announced that he and his wife had become infected with the coronavirus. 63-year-old Hanks told what symptoms of the disease he and his wife Rita Wilson are experiencing, and also promised to report on the results of treatment.
So, I’ll start in order: recently, in some US forums, very ambiguous information has appeared, citing “certain sources in government circles” that, in fact, Tom Hanks was arrested on charges of pedophilia and is currently being held under guards in Australia. Who does not believe, I advise you to visit Hanks on the page and read the comments. Under posts he is insulted in every possible way, asked to take a photo with his wife and with a fresh newspaper in order to dispel doubts that he is really in quarantine, and not in a prison cell. But for several days now there has been no reaction from him.
Also, that day, US prosecutors indicted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He is accused of financial and corporate crimes. On the same day, all owners and editors of the media were instructed to disseminate information that Hanks and his wife, as well as the Trudeau couple, were diagnosed with the coronavirus COVID-19.

According to the same source, the following arrested on the same charges will be: Celine Dion, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Madonna and many others. The media will also report that they have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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Now about the main thing on what grounds these arrests and accusations fell on the world elite. Everyone must have heard that the trial of the Hollywood rapist, Harvey Vanstein, had just been held. He was threatened with 55 years of imprisonment in five episodes, without the right of appeal, but in a strange way the jury found him guilty, only in three episodes and the court sentenced him to imprisonment for 23 years, with the right of appeal. Information leaked that Weinstein received such a humane sentence, in exchange for his testimony against hundreds of leading Hollywood celebrities and their involvement in the drug business, pedophilia and child trafficking. Among them was also Tom Hanks.

According to the source, the same situation exists in the UAE. The members of the royal family were arrested. It is estimated that 158 ​​thousand people will be arrested, all of them former and current politicians, CEOs, celebrities and bankers. Arrests of celebrities are planned to be reported in the media as illness or accidents.

In connection with this information, the network is increasingly confirming the version that COVID-19 was created artificially, as a way to cover up the secret of the United States, so widespread as it had never been in the world.

It is also reported that in the near future, the secret of andrenochrome will be revealed (who does not know what it is, it is enough to type andrenohrome in google).

Commentators are actively writing that all these world sensations will lead to a New World Order. Of course, it is difficult to say how reliable the sources presenting this information are, and as a rule, it ends with nothing, but there is still room for reflection.

What do you think about this?

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