Topnews learned about US Secret Service involvement in Biden’s son’s weapons case

Topnews learned about US Secret Service involvement in Biden's son's weapons case

The US Secret Service could participate in the settlement of the pistol case of the son of US President Joe Biden Hunter in 2018, as well as in ensuring the safety of the current president’s family during a period when he was not entitled to the protection of the department, Politico reports, citing knowledgeable sources.
The incident with the gun belonging to Hunter Biden, as the newspaper writes, occurred in October 2018, when the ex-wife of Hunter’s deceased brother Halley, with whom he was allegedly in a relationship, threw the gun into the trash can, and then did not find it when trying to return it. The local police and the FBI became interested in the incident. In particular, law enforcement officers tried to find out whether the discarded weapon of Hunter Biden was used for criminal purposes, especially against the background of reports of his use of drugs. It is noted that then no charges were brought against the son of the current American president.

According to sources, during the investigation of the incident, Secret Service officers tried to obtain information about this weapon, presumably with the aim of resolving the situation.
The publication also learned about reports that the US Secret Service called on local law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of Joe Biden himself, including during his public appearance, when he was not serving as vice president or president and, accordingly, did not fall under the protection of the department. in this period.
However, a Secret Service spokesman denied claims of agency involvement in the Hunter Biden case or the safety of their family. The information was also not confirmed by a number of involved law enforcement officers and the US President himself.
“US Secret Service protocols confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018 and that the Secret Service was not involved in this alleged incident,” a spokesman for the agency said.