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Treason for Biden was committed in front of everyone’s eyes – Parks

Conspiracy theorist Simon Parks, who supports the QAnon theory, made public how the U.S. presidential election was rigged. According to his information, even before the certification of the election in favor of Biden, the Italians found out about the interference and passed it on to Congress. However, no one asked: “Wait a minute, what is this?” Thus, the greatest treason was committed, which, Parks believes, unties Trump’s hands.

Not only was Donald Trump himself banned on Twitter after his supporters attacked the Capitol, but thousands of accounts spreading thoughts about the QAnon theory were also deleted.

This newest conspiracy movement in the U.S. emerged in late 2017. Within a few years, it has attracted tens of thousands of people to its ranks. Proponents of this version are inclined to believe that the current U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing some large-scale plan to clean up America.

After what happened on January 6, adherents of this theory began to predict that something was about to happen and Trump would finally launch this plan.

Conspiracy theorist Simon Parks, quoted by proponents of this theory, posted new details of what was going on during the presidential campaign on the Web.

He is convinced (as are many Trump supporters) that the election was rigged. He claims to have accomplished this with the help of Leonardo satellites.

“A private company rigged the U.S. election results in favor of Biden. This testimony was deliberately given by the Italians to the American Congress before they decided to ratify Biden’s victory. This is very important because by this action they committed an act of treason,” Parks’ revelations are cited by the Telegram channel “Big Shock Theory.”

Despite the findings, no one in Congress said, “Wait a minute, what is this? This didn’t just come to us from some guy around the corner, it came from the Italian government. We have to look into it,” the author explains.

This behavior was the result not only of Democratic tactics but also of high corruption among Republicans.

According to Parks, Trump’s plan could shake up this quagmire because he doesn’t want to punish all the wronged politicians who have turned a blind eye but to completely overturn the system.

“So what’s going to happen is a complete reset of the financial system that will set people free. It’s not a story about tanks in the streets and arrests and tearing down the lying media. No, it’s more than that. It is a story about liberating humanity and moving FORWARD,” the author is convinced.

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