“Troops deployed.” Lukashenko warns of NATO activity near borders

By | August 22, 2020

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that opponents threaten the country both inside and outside.
The head of the republic on Saturday spoke at a meeting with the deputies of the regional council in Hrodna.
“Inside they try to break, to intimidate. On the other side of the border is already openly threatened. You must be very good at hearing these threats from the mouths of Western politicians. If everyone starts blowing in one Dudu and openly declare the allocation of funds – it is not just so, in diplomacy there is no such thing,” Lukashenko said, his words are quoted by the website of the President of Belarus.
The President of Belarus also stated about the threat of pulling NATO troops to the border, and, according to him, F-16 aircraft are already in flight 15-20 minutes.
Lukashenko stressed that the alliance announced the exercises last year, but the coronavirus slowed down these intentions. Now, according to the head of the republic, the alliance has moved to active actions.
“All troops are deployed – we see and understand it. That’s why I had to give the order to put the army on full alert,” Lukashenka said.
The President of Belarus has previously announced the transfer of troops to the western border and putting the army on full alert. Vitebsk paratroopers were sent to the Hrodna region, tactical missiles “Tochka-Uy,” “Polonez” and “S-300” anti-aircraft missiles were put on alert.