Trump accused Russia of stealing data on super missile technology

By | September 18, 2020
Trump accused Russia of stealing data on super missile technology

U.S. President Donald Trump said the United States has a “super-duper” hypersonic missile that is much faster than the one that Russia allegedly “stole” from the Obama administration.
So he responded to accusations of revealing classified information.
“Some jerk says: ‘I think he discloses classified information’. No. All I did was tell the world that we have the most powerful weapon, but I am not even telling what kind of weapon it is. And I hope that we will never have to use it. We have a super-duper hypersonic missile that is five times faster than a conventional missile. And Russia stole that information from the Obama administration and they created their own,” Trump said during a speech at the rally.
But now, the U.S. leader claims, the United States has developed an even faster missile.

“We now have the greatest weapon ever built by man. We revived the army and raised it to a level no one thought would be possible. And I said we have created the most powerful weapon known to mankind. It is true,” he said.
At the same time, according to the President, these weapons are so advanced that Russia and China will “envy” the United States.
“They don’t know what we have, but they know that this is something that no one has ever heard of,” Trump concluded.

Earlier, the Washington Post wrote with reference to a fragment from journalist Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” that the U.S. president claimed to have a nuclear weapons system that Moscow and Beijing had not even heard of. The article said that in 2017 Trump spoke about the “unheard” weapons system, pondering how close the U.S. was to war with DPRK. According to the book’s author, after that statement, anonymous sources confirmed that the United States had new secret weapon systems and said they were surprised when Trump reported it.
Later, Trump, speaking to supporters in Michigan, said again that the United States has such weapons, neither Russia nor China.