Trump administration orders Marriott to leave Cuba

By | June 6, 2020
Trump administration orders Marriott to leave Cuba

Tourism in Cuba is controlled by the military

The U.S. Treasury Department has ordered Marriott International, a large hotel business operator, to cease operations in Cuba. This was reported by a company representative to Reuters. According to him, the work of the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Havana should be stopped on August 31, all other projects are frozen.

For four years, Starwood Hotels, which Marriott subsequently acquired, was the first – since 1959 – American hotel company to enter into an agreement with the Cuban authorities. This was done amid improved relations between the two states in the presidency of Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump has tightened U.S. policies on communist Cuba, demanding democratic reforms and ending support for the Maduro regime that rules Venezuela.

The representative of the US Treasury said that this step was taken so that the Cuban military could not receive income from its use to prosecute their own people. The tourism sector in Cuba is controlled by the military.

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