Trump and Biden held their first debate. Both declared themselves winners.

By | September 30, 2020
Even before the first presidential debates began, the electoral headquarters of Donald Trump announced the White House owner's early victory. According to the results of sociological polls, Joe Biden took the lead in the presidential race.

Even before the first presidential debates began, the electoral headquarters of Donald Trump announced the White House owner’s early victory. According to the results of sociological polls, Joe Biden took the lead in the presidential race.

Reports that the first debates of this election season’s presidential hopefuls ended in Trump’s victory were received by his supporters a few hours before the start of the television broadcast.

According to U.S. East Coast time, the first presidential debate was scheduled to begin at 21:00 p.m., but already at 18:30, the election headquarters of the incumbent president sent out e-mail messages that Trump defeated his opponent.

“I ended the debate with Joe Biden, demonstrating to Americans that I will always fight for America to be first no matter what, and that I will never stop working to make America great again,” the U.S. president’s message said.

Following that, Trump supporters received several more messages signed by the head of the White House asking for financial contributions to his campaign headquarters.

“You have to help make this MORE DAY our best day of collecting donations for the entire history,” the message said, asking for a $5 to $20 donation to the campaign and promising that Trump will increase the amount donated by 800 percent.
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“Maybe you’ll shut up?
The debate of presidential candidates is considered in the U.S. to be the last chance for White House candidates to change voters’ minds in the so-called wobbly states.

So far, according to the results of all opinion polls without exception, Biden is leading in the presidential race ahead of his rival by almost 10 points. The day before the election headquarters of Trump repeatedly stated that his rival suffers from senile dementia. The president required his opponent to take a drug test before the debate, and also to test whether Biden used a hidden earpiece for hints during the debate.

The Democrat candidate refused the test, but in a debate moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace, Biden called the head of state a “liar” and “clown,” claiming he was “the worst president in American history.

Accusing Trump of being the reason the United States leads the world in deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, Biden said the number of victims would be lower if the U.S. president “wasn’t much smarter.

“Did you use the word ‘smarter’? – asked Trump back, reminding that Biden did not have good grades in college. – Never use the word ‘smart’ when you talk to me.” Trump mentioned several times during the debate the son of his rival Hunter Biden, who managed to work for the Ukrainian company Burisma, and before that he was fired from the United States armed forces due to the problem with cocaine use.

Trump called his dismissal from the army of Hunter Biden “unworthy,” recalling reports that the consulting firm he headed had allegedly received $3.5 million from Elena Baturina, the widow of former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

“This is a lie,” Biden responded briefly, stressing that his son had served in Iraq and that the head of the White House, according to U.S. media reports, called combat veterans and soldiers “losers.

Right at the beginning of the debate, all those accusations seemed to seriously hurt the former U.S. vice president.

“Will you shut up?” – Biden turned to his opponent.
This phrase, by the way, the election headquarters of Biden immediately placed on the T-shirts, the sale of which in the United States will begin this week.

“We can talk about family and ethics,” the former vice president added. – I don’t want to do that. We can talk about his family, not mine, all night.

He tried to clarify why the U.S. president, who calls himself a billionaire, in 2016-2017 paid taxes of only 750 dollars. This is less than teachers and nurses pay in the United States.

“My family lost a fortune because we came to Washington and started government reform,” Trump parried, refusing to answer questions about his taxes.

After several attempts to blame the U.S. president for economic problems and rising unemployment rates, Biden seems to have given up.

“It is impossible to get any reasonable answer from this clown,” he quietly remarked.
Discussing the Coronavirus pandemic, Trump said the Covid-19 vaccine would be created in the U.S. even before the election in early November and would “be available” to everyone immediately thereafter. “And this is the same person who told you that before Easter [in April] the virus would disappear, that warm weather could magically disappear,” Biden outraged. – And maybe you can give yourself a shot with a dishwashing tool and you will be cured.

“That’s what I said with sarcasm,” Trump replied, really suggesting during one of the White House briefings that dishwashing products be used as a coronavirus cure.

The debate was the first of three to take place between the president and the Democratic Party candidate for head of state.

Rumor has it that for the second week now in Washington, D.C., Trump, who loses in polls, may decline the subsequent public debate and declare that he is not going to participate in the next debate.