Trump and Cuomo will discuss infrastructure investments

Trump and Cuomo will discuss infrastructure investments

The Governor of New York believes that major infrastructure projects will help to restart the economy

The Governor of the state of New York Andrew Cuomo announced that Wednesday will travel to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump and discuss a major investment in infrastructure as a way to restart the American economy, which has suffered from the pandemic coronavirus.

During the daily briefing Tuesday, Cuomo also said he plans to speed up major construction projects in the state, including the modernization of LaGuardia Airport and the renovation of Pennsylvania station in New York.

The Governor is a Democrat, repeatedly entering into a discussion with Trump about the reaction of the Federal government for a pandemic, said during the meeting with the President will promote the idea of major investments in infrastructure. According to Cuomo, the past President has not fulfilled promises to modernize the bridges, highways, and Railways in the United States.

“This is one of the things I want to discuss with the President. If you want to restart the economy, open the economy, let’s find a creative solution and do it fast, will return Americans to work,” said Cuomo.

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He did not specify other details about the upcoming meeting with Trump, who both before and after the start of the pandemic have been made in support of infrastructure investment.

The Governor also said new York will invest in renewable energy and stimulate the production of renewable energy in the Northern part of the state to provide her with more energy-intensive regions in the southern part of the state, including the city of New York.

“As we say in Queens, to repair the roof is necessary, when the sun shines, – said Cuomo. – This work should be carried out when jobs are needed, but they are few, and new York is ready to lead by example”.