Trump announced a break in communication with Xi Jinping

By | June 4, 2020
Trump announced a break in communication with Xi Jinping

U.S. President Donald Trump said in an interview with Newsmax that he had not communicated with Chinese leader Xi Jinping for a long time.
He said that he believes China is responsible for the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic since authorities were obliged to restrain the spread of the virus at the initial stage.
However, Trump noted that the issue of imposing personal sanctions against Xi Jinping is not considered
The US President mentioned trade relations with China, stressing that, due to the imposition of US sanctions, last year was the worst for the Chinese economy in 67 years. Despite this, the countries managed to conclude a trade agreement, which became “one of the greatest in history,” he added.
The pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 has spread across almost the entire world. According to the latest WHO data, there are almost 6.3 million people infected, 379 thousand of whom have died.
Washington has repeatedly accused Beijing of responsibility for the spread of coronavirus. Chinese authorities reject claims.

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