Trump approved a plan to withdraw the US military from Germany

By | June 30, 2020
Trump approved a plan to withdraw the US military from Germany

US President Donald Trump approved a plan to withdraw 9.5 thousand US troops from Germany. This was announced by Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman in his Twitter account.

According to him, this step is aimed at strengthening Russian deterrence and strengthening NATO. This measure should help the country regain the support of its American allies, as well as improve the strategic and operational flexibility of the United States in Europe. The U.S. Department of Defense will shortly hold briefings on Senate committees on this topic, followed by consultations with NATO allies.

Earlier, as a condition for the preservation of American troops in Germany, Trump called the increase in defense spending of Germany. He also complained that Germany was in violation of NATO’s military budget arrangements.

On June 6, Trump ordered a reduction in the size of the US military contingent stationed in Germany. Currently, 34.5 thousand US military are located on the territory of the country. The head of state ordered the Pentagon to reduce their numbers by 9.5 thousand. In addition, the head of state ordered to limit the number of American troops serving in the Federal Republic of Germany at a time to 25 thousand people, instead of 52 thousand now permissible.

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