Trump: Biden cannot be president for more than two months.

By | October 8, 2020
Trump: Biden cannot be president for more than two months.

If elected president of the United States, 77-year-old Joseph Biden will be unable to serve as head of state for more than two months. It was stated today, on October 8, by the US President Donald Trump in his interview with Fox Business TV company.

“Biden is under control of left radicals, – Trump stated. – Biden will not be the president for two months. His mental ability is not enough to be president and you know it and everyone else knows it”.
It should be noted that analysts have long predicted such a situation: Joe Biden, who often confuses words and has difficulty navigating, can quickly fall back into the background, and the real power will pass to the vice president, 55-year-old Kamala Harris. This order is fixed in the law on the presidential succession of 1947.

As reported by EADaily, if Biden wins, Kamala Harris will be the first woman to become the vice president of the United States and the first black politician in that position.

Lawyer, Senator, and former California Attorney General Kamala Harris were born into a mixed family: father, a Professor of Economics at Stanford University, a Negro from Jamaica, mother, a doctor by education, has Indian (Tamil) origin. Harris likes to pedal the theme of racism in American society, as well as to tell that she felt the horrors of racial segregation as a child, getting to school by bus for colored people. However, from time to time, there continue to be exposés in the press that her great grandfather owned two hundred slaves in Jamaica. And the Negroes themselves, sensitive to skin tones, are not inclined to explicitly recognize Harris for their own.

According to the industry publication American Banker, the most stable flow of funds for the election campaign Harris comes from professionals in the financial sector and their most reliable law firms. According to the Democrats’ apologists, Biden lacks rigidity, while the prosecutor with huge experience Harris lacks rigidity, so in their eyes, a quiet mature man and a younger aggressive woman is the perfect couple.

In general, Kamala Harris is a California liberal and one of the leftmost voices in the U.S. Senate. Therefore, becoming the actual president of the United States, Harris would rather quench the appetites of the fighters for new social policy and cultural standards than unite a divided nation.