Trump: Bolton made very big mistakes

Trump: Bolton made very big mistakes

The American leader commented on the resignation of his national security adviser.

U.S. President Donald Trump has said that his fired adviser John Bolton made big mistakes and did not find common ground with important people in the White House. The American leader told journalists about this on September 11, TASS reports.

According to Trump, Bolton did not get along with other administration officials and “made some very big mistakes.”

“I actually had a very good relationship with him (Bolton), but he didn’t share a language with people in the administration that I think is very important,” the US president said.

He also criticized Bolton’s comparison between efforts to denuclearize the DPRK and the “Libyan model” that angered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before last year’s summit.

Trump also pointed to disagreements with Bolton on the approach to the situation in Venezuela.

“I disagreed with John Bolton on his position on Venezuela. I think he took an unacceptable position, and I think I was right,” the American leader said.

He specified that he was considering five nominations for the position of new national security aide.

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On September 10, Trump announced that he had resigned Bolton.

At the same time, the former adviser himself claims that the dismissal was his own initiative.