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Trump calls condition of lifting sanctions against Iran

Trump calls condition of lifting sanctions against Iran

Tehran must comply with the demands previously announced by Washington and then the United States will lift the sanctions very quickly.
The application of U.S. sanctions against Iran may end in a short time if Tehran decides to comply with the requirements previously announced by Washington. U.S. President Donald Trump made such a statement on Thursday, answering questions from journalists at the White House, TASS reports.

“Sanctions do them very serious damage. All of this can end very quickly. However, whether they want it or not, it depends on them. Not from me. Totally from them. They can rectify the situation in their country. Iran is currently engulfed in chaos. They can straighten out their country’s economy very, very quickly,” the American leader said.

However, he did not make predictions as to whether negotiations between Iran and the United States could start in the near future.

“Let’s see if they go to the talks or not,” Trump said.

At the same time, he confirmed that the new US restrictive measures against Iran announced on Wednesday have either been introduced or will be introduced as soon as possible.

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“I recently approved their use by the U.S. Treasury Department,” Trump said.

He did not explain who or what these additional restrictions would be affected. “You’ll see,” the head of the U.S. administration promised.

Earlier it was reported that in an address to the nation the American president declared readiness for peace with Iran, but threatened with powerful sanctions.

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