Trump clarified his comment

By | May 30, 2020
Trump clarified his comment

Earlier, the US president was accused of glorifying violence

US President Donald Trump alleviated his threat on Twitter to use firearms to restore order in Minneapolis.

Earlier, Trump wrote: “In case difficulties arise, we will take control, but if robberies begin, shooting will begin.” Twitter added a notice to the president’s tweet that the message violates social media rules as it “glorifies violence.”

“Now is not the time for tweets that are glowing. Now is not the time to encourage violence, ”said former vice president Joe Biden, the alleged Democratic presidential candidate.

Black lawmakers said Trump encourages violence against African Americans. “It’s a shame when a country’s leader responds to a national crisis by insulting people who are being attacked,” said Democratic spokeswoman Karen Bass.

After this, Trump said that he understood why the death of an African American arrested by the police caused national protests, but added that they should not be allowed to turn into “lawless anarchy.”

Trump said he expressed his condolences to the family of George Floyd, a black man who was videotaped panting at the moment when a white policeman pressed his neck with his knee to the asphalt. This policeman was arrested and charged with murder.

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