Trump decided to leave social networks in the United States without protection

Trump decided to leave social networks in the United States without protection

Us leader said that he is considering closing Twitter and going to consult about it with the lawyers.
The US President Donald Trump may 28 signed a decree on the regulation of social networks in the country, which is designed to deprive them of protection from claims in connection with content editing. He said this at a briefing in the White house. Today I have signed the Executive decree for the protection of freedom of speech and the rights of citizens of the United States. Social networks like Twitter had unprecedented protection from liability based on the theory that they are a neutral platform. The executive decree should (set) new regulation on the basis of section 230 of the law (ethics in accounting) communications,” − said the American leader.
He noted that the document is intended to deprive the social network for the legal protection they use the law on ethics in the media.

The law, with rare exceptions, free social media from legal responsibility for material posted by users.

Trump stressed that “the social network implicated in censorship or political action will no longer have protection from liability.”

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According to him, the decision of the social networks about the veracity of the message, making changes or blocking is in fact editorial policy, and social networks act as publishers.

“At such moments, Twitter ceases to be a neutral community platform and becomes the editor’s point of view. I think the same can be said of the other, if you look on Google, if you look at Facebook and possibly other,” added trump.

Also, our leader said that the possibility of the closure of Twitter.

“I’ll check with the lawyers, you must go through a legal process. If the closing will be legal, I’ll do it,” he said.
Recall, Trump has threatened to go for tougher regulation of social networks in the country after his message on Twitter, it was marked with a special sign, warning readers about false information.

Thus, the social network has responded to the statements of the President that the Democrats are trying to create conditions for fraud in the upcoming elections.

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