Trump decides to lower the cost of drugs in the U.S.

By | July 25, 2020
Trump decides to lower the cost of drugs in the U.S.

Donald Trump has issued executive orders that will allow the import of cheap drugs from Canada. U.S. pharmaceutical companies now have a month to offer an alternative.
U.S. President Donald Trump has signed four executive orders to lower drug prices in the country. This is reported by The Hill on Saturday, July 25.

“Trump’s executive orders create conditions for states to plan for the import of cheap drugs from Canada,” the publication said.

It also provides for the elimination of the system of discounts for intermediaries, which from now on automatically have to receive customers in the final cost of drugs. Other requirements are aimed at reducing the price of insulin, as well as regulating the cost of drugs for insurance companies.

Trump stressed that the beginning of his executive orders was delayed until August 25, to allow the heads of pharmaceutical industries, strongly opposed to this idea, to offer an alternative.

Trump also announced a meeting with drug executives next Tuesday at the White House.

On July 10, Trump agreed to wear a medical mask for the first time. Then Donald Trump planned a visit to a military hospital and promised to wear a mask, although he often avoids wearing it.

Trump later spoke out against the mandatory wearing of masks. The head of the White House advocates freedom of choice in the decision to wear masks or not. At the same time, he does not deny their usefulness.