Trump demanded to build icebreakers for the United States

Trump demanded to build icebreakers for the United States

Donald Trump demanded to develop a program for the construction of icebreakers for the Arctic and Antarctic.
This is stated in the memorandum signed by the US president and sent to his administration, TOP NEWS reported.
Based on the document, at least three heavy class ships should be built in the USA. In addition, Trump plans to lay the construction of several middle-class icebreakers, while their number is not specified.
It is planned to use icebreakers “to ensure polar security, which will support our national interests.” Ships will be based at two optimal ports in the United States and at least two international bases.
Trump also instructed to study the possibility of renting icebreakers from partner countries for a period until the United States has its own icebreaking fleet. The memorandum refers to the years 2022-2029.
Now the United States has one heavy and one medium icebreaker.

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