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Trump deprived the United States of the future

The President of the United States Donald trump as a surprise to analysts, stating that on 12 April, ready to remove all quarantine measures in the country to align economic situation, according to the newspaper “Vzglyad”. Reporters felt that the head of state has gone mad, the experts acknowledged is an attempt to prevent the onset of the deepest economic crisis.
The author reminds us that today in the USA the number of people infected with coronavirus is about 50 thousand people, and the dead six hundred. The disease rages in New York and California, which together “give” a quarter of the country’s GDP. Today, there closed all businesses. In this regard, the intention of the trump to April 12 to remove restrictive measures from the working population, not look strange, say analysts.
“He simply has no other choice”, — is spoken in the article.
If you wait with the removal of the quarantine, in the second quarter in the United States sharply reduced the production figures, which was not from the time of the First world war.
“Flying to the bankruptcy of The legendary The Boeing Company. The services market is dying before our eyes. The country falls into the abyss of mass unemployment and then it gets worse,” notes the author.
While Western media noted that the development threatens to increase the number of suicides across the country.
The decision to lift the quarantine, which has been dubbed the “rediscovery of America”, the only right in this situation, say Western analysts. However, the responsibility for possible consequences will have to bear the Trump alone. In the best case, he can’t get re-elected in the upcoming elections, the worst in his attempt to bring the country out of the crisis threatens to result in thousands of casualties.

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