Trump did not rule out the use of foreign COVID-19 vaccine in the USA.

By | September 22, 2020
Trump did not rule out the use of foreign COVID-19 vaccine in the USA.

Back in May, U.S. President Donald Trump did not rule out the possibility of using a foreign vaccine against coronavirus, recalled Tuesday White House spokeswoman Kaylie Makinani.
“He said, ‘I’ll say something that’s not like me. I don’t care, I just want a vaccine that works. I don’t care if it comes from another country. I will take off my hat in front of them. But right now I think (there is) another vaccine in Phase 3 of clinical trials is the one at Oxford,” she said when asked if the president is ready to use Russian or Chinese vaccines.
Makinani cited the words of Trump, which he said back in May this year. She recalled that three drugs in the U.S. are already in the final stages of testing. Trump promised that 100 million doses would be available by the end of the year.
Last week, the president himself, answering a similar question, did not give a direct answer, translating the conversation on the development of American drugs.
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Trump said when all U.S. residents will be provided with the COVID-19 vaccine.
Makinani also recalled Trump’s readiness to be vaccinated himself, explaining that he was confident in the future American vaccine.
“The president said under the record, ‘I would be happy to be the first person to receive the vaccine or the last such person – it depends on what is best for the American people,'” said the White House spokeswoman.