Trump didn’t like the design of the latest iPhone 11 models

The American leader lacks the Home button, as he publicly informed the CEO of Apple in the social network.
U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the design of the latest iPhone models, saying that the old modifications with the Home button were more convenient. Trump tweeted this on Friday, October 25, addressing Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Trump didn't like the design of the latest iPhone 11 models

“Tim (Cook): The button on the iPhone was much better than a swipe,” Trump wrote.

Recall, the first iPhone without the Home button came out in the fall of 2017, it was the iPhone X. In the previous model of the iPhone 7 Plus home, the button was, but it even then became a touch. Previously the new iPhone 11 ridiculed in social networks because of the camera. The design of the cameras in Apple’s new smartphones was called ugly and compared to a razor, a cooking stove and a Pikachu.

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