Trump didn’t make contact with Jacob Blake’s family because they wanted to involve lawyers

By | August 31, 2020
Trump didn't make contact with Jacob Blake's family because they wanted to involve lawyers

U.S. President admits he will talk to Blake’s loved ones later
US President Donald Trump refused to talk to family members of the police-stricken black American Jacob Blake because they wanted to bring lawyers to the meeting. This was announced by the head of the administration on Monday at a press conference at the White House.

“I spoke with the pastor, the pastor of the Family. A wonderful man! I thought it would be better not to take any action with their (Blake’s family) lawyers. They wanted lawyers to participate. And I thought it was inappropriate,” Trump said.

At the same time, he admitted that he would talk to Blake’s relatives later. “Maybe I’ll do it at some point,” said the president, who will travel to Kenos, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, where the incident with 29-year-old Blake occurred.

But they (members of Blake’s family) have a lawyer, and they wanted him to participate in the phone conversation. I said it was inappropriate,” Trump said.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on August 30 sent an official letter to the head of state urging him not to travel to Kenya. According to the governor, Trump’s arrival will prevent an end to the unrest in the city. The Governor noted that the President’s presence “will only slow down efforts to overcome differences and prevent us from moving forward.” On the other hand, as previously reported by the Associated Press, a group of Kenosha County council members called on Trump to visit the city.The unrest in Kenosha began after a police officer shot Blake seven times at point-blank range on August 23. The man carrying the knife did not comply with the demands of the police officers who arrived on the scene on call, he had previously been issued an arrest warrant on suspicion of sexual offenses. Apparently, the fire on Blake was opened because, contrary to the instructions of law enforcement officials, he climbed into someone else’s car, which the police feared could be a firearm.

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