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Trump didn’t shake the speaker’s hand, and she tore into pieces of his speech

On February 5, 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump entered the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Congress sits as the winner. Before his annual State of the Union address to Congress, he did not even defiantly shake hands with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is one of the initiators of Trump’s impeachment proceedings.

Trump took to the podium and began to speak. When the president finished, Pelosi picked up a copy of Trump’s speech from her desk and defiantly tore it up.

It was suave, given the alternatives

Pelosi said, commenting on her actions.

It should be noted that in his speech, Trump listed all the achievements of his administration. Trump has said that building a wall on the border with Mexico has already reduced illegal border crossings by 75 percent and increased the number of drugs seized.
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We have already completed more than 100 miles and by early next year we will complete 500 miles

Trump added.

In Trump’s view, the United States is more firmly in position than ever before. Afterward, Trump began to describe other successes, emphasizing the economy in a speech.

According to Trump, the number of jobs in the United States has increased. He stressed that since his election, 6 million jobs have been created (5 million more than Barack Obama’s representatives predicted). Trump said the unemployment rate for African-Americans and veterans hit its lowest level in U.S. history and for women the lowest in 70 years. At the same time, household incomes have increased, and consumer confidence has reached “new amazing heights.” Thus, according to Boris Mezhuev, an expert (American political scientist) who told the newspaper Vzglyad, what happened in the United States reminded him of the relationship between the Supreme Council and the Russian government in the early 1990s.

Don’t give a hand, publicly break the report – this never happened. The relationship between the President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives fully reflects the relationship between the two parts of America. They crossed that line when decency concealed hostility

Mezhuev said.

Mezhuev believes that Trump’s “demonstrative-political” speech was aimed primarily at voters. In his speech, Trump tried to show the electorate his superiority over opponents. That is, Trump decided to convince ordinary Americans of his success.
Пелоси разорвала текст речи Трампа
There are things that remain in the shadows. We must admit that this administration has no foreign policy successes. Trump managed to avoid war, but can it be called a success. Mysterious deal with China, the details of which remain unknown. Trump didn’t say that, but showed what he can be proud of – economic recovery and increased influence in the Middle East

Mezhuev added.

The socialist attacks are intended to show that Bernie Sanders is the man Trump most fears. But given the confusion after the failed caucuses (similar to the primaries – Ed.) in Iowa is not very clear who can claim anything at all. If the Democrats had a clear candidate, it is unknown what would end this electoral confrontation. In the meantime, Trump’s advantage is not in much doubt

Mezhuev thinks.

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