Trump does not believe in China’s deliberate distribution of COVID

Trump does not believe in China's deliberate distribution of COVID

White House head Donald Trump suggests that the coronavirus escaped from China due to incompetence.
US President Donald Trump does not believe in the intentional spread of coronavirus infection by China, as he announced on the air of one of the TV channels.
“The virus escaped from China, probably due to incompetence,” the American president suggested. According to him, the PRC most likely does not know how to report it.
“They probably (China – Ed.) Do not know how to say this. We wanted to act together and help them, but they did not want us to act together,” Trump said.
He noted that he would soon make a statement on the World Health Organization (WHO). The head of the White House added that WHO is Beijing’s “puppet”, although Washington spends a lot more money to the organization’s budget a year.
As you know, the United States is conducting a full-scale investigation on the origin and distribution of COVID. According to one version that appeared in the media, Washington does not exclude that the virus comes from a scientific laboratory in Wuhan.
In parallel, US intelligence reported that the virus “has no artificial origin and has not been genetically modified.”
Trump previously noted that the version of the laboratory origin of the virus in Wuhan is not the only one.
In China, they reject the suggestion that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the source of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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