Trump does not delete his Twitter account because of the “false press”

By | May 28, 2020
Trump told the details of the decree on the regulation of social networks

The American leader uses a social network to communicate with people and refute false information from the media.
US President Donald Trump said he was dissatisfied with the activities of Twitter, but will not delete his account on the social network due to false media. He told reporters about this on May 28.
“If you weren’t lying, I wouldn’t even think about it, I would have done it in an instant. But the news is false. <...> If we had an honest press in this country, I would have done it immediately,” – emphasized the American leader before signing the decree on the regulation of social networks.
He indicated that he needed a Twitter account to communicate with people.
“If I see a story that is wrong, I can post something on social networks, <...> the next minute everyone reads about it. So I can refute the false media, it’s very important,” – Trump noted.
Earlier, the US president said that he was considering closing Twitter and intends to consult with lawyers about this.
Recall, on May 28, Trump signed a decree on regulating the activities of social networks in the country. The head of state was outraged that Twitter marked his posts as fake information.

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