Trump enraged Merkel’s refusal on his proposal

By | May 30, 2020
Trump enraged Merkel's refusal on his proposal

The President of the United States Donald Trump flew into a rage because of the failure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the summit G7.
The leader of Germany referred to the need for a social distancing and challenging environment with COVID-19. It is reported by Politico magazine.
The Chancellor rejected the invitation to participate in the G7 summit, which US President seeks to present as a symbol of the return to normal life after the upheavals of the coronavirus crisis.
“The Federal Chancellor thanked the President of trump for the invitation to the G-7 summit in late June in Washington. Today, given the overall situation with the pandemic, it could not agree to their own participation,” — said the press Secretary of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert.
Became aware of “hot debate” trump and Merkel because of Russia
Merkel said that in June it is too early to large meetings, given that the virus continues to circulate in society, and experts are calling for further vigilance and social distancing.
Sources said that trump was furious because of the unwillingness of Merkel to attend the summit.
Failure, Merkel is another example of the complex relationship between the two leaders.
Trump has repeatedly criticized Germany and Merkel on various issues. They are related to the trade surplus of the Berlin defense spending and NATO. Merkel thus pointedly challenged the American hegemony and unilateral approach to foreign policy trump. She doesn’t like the President’s attitude towards climate change and the nuclear deal with Iran.
In addition, the senior US official on condition of anonymity told the newspaper that this week trump and Merkel hotly argued because of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” and relations with China. The press-Secretary of Seibert refused to answer the question about this conversation. The white house also did not comment on the dialogue between two dealers in which “escalated disputes”.
Last week, Trump said that is considering holding a summit in Camp David, and “this would be a great symbol for us all” on the normalization of the situation.
The refusal of Merkel to attend the summit runs the risk of attempts to derail trump to represent the meeting as a landmark event

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