Trump gave a second chance to Iraq

This was told by American columnist Tucker Carlson on the TV channel “Fox News”.

“After the September 11 attacks, the US spent trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives trying to transform the Middle East in its own way. It is sad to speak about it, but it is necessary: it didn’t work, — the journalist declared. — In all respects, our war on foreign soil ended in complete failure of the United States, no matter how noble the intentions.

Carlson stressed that Trump had the courage to admit it, which largely played in his favor during the elections. “But now we are seeing strange things. People who sixteen years ago dragged us into the war in Iraq crave a new conflict against Iran,” he says, noting that trump, fortunately, is skeptical about such a prospect.

Nevertheless, the problem is that in Washington, even such colossal mistakes as the Iraq war are forgiven, the journalist complains: “Because the people who determine the political course, and make the same mistakes again and again.”

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