Trump is going to challenge the results of the Supreme Court elections

By | November 22, 2020
Detroit authorities accused Trump's headquarters of spreading misinformation

The Donald Trump campaign state, due to the dismissal of a Pennsylvania lawsuit to invalidate parts of ballots in the U.S. general election, plans to go to the Supreme Court with an appeal. This was stated in a statement circulated on Saturday by the personal lawyer of the American President Rudolf Giuliani.

“Today’s decision helps us in our strategy to get to the Supreme Court quickly. While we completely disagree with the decision, we are grateful to the judge appointed by former President Barack Obama for making the decision quickly, rather than simply delaying time,” Giuliani said.
According to him, “there is a lot of evidence that the Democrats in Pennsylvania deprived us of the opportunity to present 50 witnesses, as well as evidence that representatives of election commissions grossly ignored the Pennsylvania law.

“This is another case that is expected to move quickly to the Supreme Court,” the lawyer said.
A Pennsylvania court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump’s campaign headquarters demanding that ballots filed by mail in that state in the November 3 election be declared invalid. According to Reuters, one county judge, Matthew Brann, found that the suit contained “far-fetched, bankrupt legal arguments and speculative charges.

The U.S. president’s attorneys previously stated that nearly 7 million ballots in Pennsylvania must be declared invalid due to alleged election violations in that state. Trump argued that he should be awarded the victory in Pennsylvania because of this.