Trump hands over. US Police Reform

By | June 17, 2020
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US President Donald Trump against the backdrop of mass protests against police violence and racism signed a decree on police reform.
Protests in the US are starting to get their way. Donald trump amid falling his own rating on the eve of the election started a police reform. The latest Reuters poll reveals Democrat Joe Biden’s margin from Trump by 13 percentage points. Americans are increasingly criticizing Trump for responding to the coronavirus pandemic and protests against police brutality. And the president begins to act in response. figured out how the US will reform the police.

Ban choking

By his decree, Trump, in particular, forbade policemen to use a choking device during detention – “a physical maneuver that limits a person’s ability to breathe in order to immobilize him.” This technique will be used in the life of a policeman is in danger.

It was strangulation that led to the death of George Floyd, which is why protests began in the United States.

Trump also ordered the creation of a national base containing information about the police, violations committed by them, including information on the excessive use of force. In addition, the president ordered grants to be given to police training to let them know how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

At the signing ceremony, Donald Trump expressed his condolences to the families of the people killed by the police.

Will not dissolve

The Minneapolis City Council, from where the protests began, has already adopted a resolution according to which a “new model for strengthening public security” will be developed. And in Seattle, activists created a “police free” zone.

The country is actively expanding its proposals on the abolition of law enforcement agencies and the transfer of their responsibilities to alternative structures. US Democrat Ilkhan Omar of the Democrats even called the cops a “cancerous tumor.”

But the authorities are not ready to take such a step. “We are all safe here, just because the cops do their work every day. We need to stop denigrating our cops,” Donald Trump spokeswoman Kaley McKinani said in response.

Trump himself said that the United States authorities will not dissolve the police or reduce its funding.

Democrats’ proposal

In turn, representatives of the Democratic Party in the US Congress introduced a bill aimed at conducting large-scale police reform.

Democrats also prohibit law enforcement officers from using asphyxiating techniques and also prohibited in some cases the issuing of warrants allowing policemen to break into the house without warning. As part of the proposed reform, the responsibility of law enforcement officers is increasing, including for acts of violence and arbitrariness against suspects.

Nothing will change

Even if, in some states, the initiative to create bodies that voluntarily monitor security is implemented, the situation with violence will not change, moreover, in the end, all this will lead to a worsening of the crime situation, believes Russian political analyst Sergei Sudakov.

“Those groups that will control and patrol areas of the state, in any case, will behave quite harshly. Moreover, if at the first stage it is still possible to allow a certain decrease in the criminal situation, then sooner or later everything will return to normal. Moreover, the number of cases of crime, on the contrary, will increase, since the professional institution will be abolished, ”the analyst said.

And in large cities, according to Sudakov, the functioning of such structures instead of the police is completely impossible.

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