TRUMP has banned women from giving birth!! | TOP-NEWS
TRUMP has banned women from giving birth!!

TRUMP has banned women from giving birth!!

In Washington, new rules have been issued that would deny women U.S. visas if they were found to be traveling to the country for childbirth.
The White House on Thursday, January 23, published new rules for obtaining visas aimed at curbing the so-called “birth tourism”, reports the Associated Press.

The restrictions will apply to cases where women purposefully travel to the U.S. for childbirth so that the child can subsequently obtain an American passport.

Thus, under the new rules, applicants will be denied tourist visas if the U.S. consular officers are found to be sent to the country for childbirth.

The relevant rules are published in the Federal Register.

The restrictions are designed to help eradicate illegal activities related to the “maternity tourism” industry.

The practice of traveling to the U.S. for childbirth is essentially legal, the AP notes, but there are cases where the authorities arrest employees of agencies involved in the organization of “maternity tourism” in connection with the facts of visa fraud and tax evasion.

The U.S. State Department considers that visiting the country for the purpose of “birth tourism” is not an act that falls under the concept of tourism, that is, to get new impressions or recreation.

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Birth tourism in the United States. Will Trump close the shop?

Earlier it was reported that wealthy Russians are increasingly coming to Florida to give birth to a child. Women are attracted by the opportunity to provide a child with an American passport.

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