Trump has brought Theresa May to hysterics

By | September 6, 2020
Trump has brought Theresa May to hysterics

U.S. President Donald Trump intimidated former British Prime Minister Theresa May and hysterical her several times, British daily Daily Mail reported, citing sources.
So, at one of the meetings in 2017, when May was in charge of the kingdom’s government, the American leader directly asked her why then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is not prime minister. “Didn’t he need a job?” the White House chief said of May.

Subsequently, Johnson did succeed her as leader of the Conservatives, and as head of the British Cabinet.
In another conversation, which took place a year later against the background of the development of the situation with the so-called “Skripalia case”, Washington and London tried to agree sanctions against Russia.
According to the source of the newspaper, “the conversation was so disappointing that one of those present at the talks began to fear” that May would “scream or cry”.