Trump has charged Twitter yet again

By | May 29, 2020
Trump has charged Twitter yet again

Donald Trump believes that he himself, as well as American conservatives, are being attacked by China and the “radical left Democratic Party.”
US President Donald Trump believes that Twitter does nothing to combat “propaganda from China and the Democratic Party.” He wrote about this on Twitter on Friday, May 29.

“Twitter does nothing to combat lies and propaganda from China or the radical left Democratic Party. Their goal is Republicans, Conservatives, and the President of the United States. Congress should revoke Section 230 (Communications Ethics Act – Ed.). Before then this sphere will be regulated, ”the post says.

At the same time, The Washington Post writes that this law substantially exempts technology companies from liability for comments, videos, and other content left by users.

Twitter executives are confident that the law “protects American innovation and freedom of speech and is based on democratic values.”

Recall that Twitter has restricted access to Trump’s post. The company did not delete the president’s tweet but limited the ability to interact with him.

It has also been reported that Trump is not deleting his Twitter account because of a “false press.” The American leader uses a social network to communicate with people and refute false information from the media.

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