American President Donald Trump definitely grew bolder after the release of the report of us special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and again noted attempts to establish contact with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. However, these steps have a number of nuances. This was stated by the political scientist Aleksandr Ivakhnik.

He drew attention to how tough were the negotiations of us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and how dramatically changed the tone of the American diplomat when he met with Putin.

“At the meeting with Putin, Pompeo acted not in an independent role, but as a representative of President Trump, who, feeling relieved after the release of the Muller report and deciding on a full-scale trade war with China, once again wants to establish relations with Russia,” the expert says, noting the presence in these measures of calculation “to drive a wedge” between Russia and China against the background of a new phase of the us-Chinese trade confrontation.

Putin, in turn, also hopes that it will be possible to establish relations with trump, “Hence the statement at the beginning of the meeting with Pompeo about the desire to restore bilateral relations in full.”

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However, as the expert notes, there are a couple of negative points in the current situation. First, the planned meeting of the presidents within the framework of the G20 summit may result in a new domestic political attack on trump with a further rollback in bilateral relations. Secondly, even if it is possible to agree on some items of the common agenda, they will be implemented by less prone to sentimental politicians like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton.