Trump holds election campaigns in Arizona on Tuesday

By | June 23, 2020
Trump rebuked the head of the Pentagon for refusing to be proud of a walk with him

The trip program includes an inspection of the construction of the border wall in Yuma and a speech in Phoenix

U.S. President Donald Trump is holding election campaigns in Arizona on Tuesday that could play a key role in the upcoming presidential election.

Speaking to reporters before starting the trip, Trump said he intends to address Arizona youth and also meet with some state officials.

Talking with members of the press, the president dwelled on a recent attempt by demonstrators in Washington to demolish a monument to Andrew Jackson, one of the presidents of the United States. “I just want to thank the forces of law and order. They did a great job. We worked very closely with the White House Secret Service and some of our executive officers. In fact – they did a great job. They stopped them in cold blood, ”Trump said.

“Many are already in prison, and many will end up there today,” the president added.

Touching upon the role of state authorities during a period of racial protests in the country, which in some cases developed into riots, the president emphasized: “In Seattle, they are very weak, and they may need help in Minnesota.”

“If they need help, the Federal Government is ready to help them,” continued the head of the White House. “If these hooligans appear, then they are no longer participants in the protests … they are anarchists and so on … If the states cannot cope with this, then we are ready and able to help, as we did in Minnesota,” Trump explained.

He stated that he planned to issue a decree on historical monuments in connection with the frequent cases of destruction of monuments that activists consider racist.

“They will not demolish our monuments,” the president said. “Very soon, I will issue a decree that will strengthen existing provisions, but in a more uniform way.”

Recall that on Monday, protesters proclaimed the territory of the church of St. St. John’s not far from the White House’s Black House Autonomous Zone, similar to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, captured by protesters.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday: “There will never be an“ autonomous zone ”in Washington, DC, while I am your president. If they try to do this, they will face serious force! ”

According to The New York Times, the president’s trip to Arizona on Tuesday is significant in the pre-election situation.

According to the publication, already at the beginning of 2020, the Democrats believed that this year the sympathy of the inhabitants of Arizona will finally again be on the side of their party.

According to The New York Times, many moderate suburban voters are unhappy with President Trump. In 2018, for the first time in thirty years, they preferred the Democrat in Senate elections. Young Hispanics, who account for 24 percent of the Arizona electorate, show record-breaking election activity, dissatisfied with the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. In addition, the party has a promising candidate for the Senate.

Four months are left before the election. According to Democrats, Joe Biden is the most promising democratic candidate in Arizona since the days of Bill Clinton. Biden’s headquarters believes that victory in Arizona is not only the path to victory in the elections but also confirmation that Latinos and immigrants are a reliable part of the democratic electorate.

On Tuesday, Trump holds campaigns in the state, whose support he needs for re-election, especially if he loses any of the three Midwestern states that supported him in 2016.

The presidential trip program includes an inspection of the construction of the border wall in Yuma. “We built over two hundred miles of wall. This is unbelievable! ” – Trump told reporters before starting the trip.

Recall that Yuma is one of the foci of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

After that, the president is scheduled for a campaign speech in a church in Phoenix, where more than 3 thousand people, mainly belonging to the Students for Trump organization, will listen to him.

The president’s visit is taking place against the backdrop of an aggravation of the situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and anti-racist protests, which could play into the hands of the democrats.

Polls show that Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly is ahead of his Republican rival, and Biden is ahead of Trump.

As for party affiliation, the Arizona population is divided almost evenly: 34.9 percent are registered as Republicans, 32.5 percent as Democrats, 31.8 percent as independent voters.

In addition, postal voting is widespread in the state, which, according to the Democrats, could increase their margin.

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