Trump impeachment proceedings begin

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a resolution that authorizes the formal start of president Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. This is reported by ABC News. 232 congressmen voted for the resolution, 196 against. The latter included all Republican lawmakers, as well as two Democratic representatives. Trump on Ukraine. The purpose of the proceedings is to determine whether there are sufficient grounds for the House of Representatives to exercise the power to impeach the incumbent President.

According to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the resolution would allow public impeachment hearings that had previously been held behind closed doors. Republicans called for open hearings; Schiff and his associates, for their part, insisted that a closed regime was necessary to independently clarify all the facts by lawmakers.

In September, a scandal broke in the United States over information about the pressure that Donald Trump allegedly tried to exert on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelinsky to help him get elected for a second term. According to some reports, the U.S. President pressed the Ukrainian leader in a July phone call, demanding that he launch an investigation into the actions of the son of former Vice President Joe Biden (Biden Sr. is expected to become a rival to the Republican on the elections in 2020) in exchange for providing Kyiv with military and financial assistance. Amid these rumors, the Democrat-controlled lower house of the U.S. Congress announced the launch of the impeachment procedure, and Trump, in turn, ordered the publication of a transcript of the conversation with Green, from which it turned out that he did not put a Ukrainian colleague any conditions for an investigation into Biden’s son.

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