Trump impeachment: U.S. ambassador to EU barred from congressional testimony

Trump impeachment: U.S. ambassador to EU barred from congressional testimony

The U.S. State Department has ordered Ambassador Gordon Sondland, implicated in the scandal, not to appear for a scheduled interview with Congress.
Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, was ordered not to appear on October 8 for a scheduled interview with the House committees investigating the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This was announced on Tuesday, October 8, reports TOP-NEWS. This morning, the U.S. State Department ordered Ambassador Gordon Sondland not to appear for his scheduled interview before the General Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives,” the lawyer said in a statement. Sondland by Robert Luskin.

Gordon Sondland is a key figure in a House-led investigation into whether Trump should be impeached for pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Greensky, to investigate the case. against his political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.
Trump's impeachment imminent

It is also noted that Ambassador Sondland had previously voluntarily agreed to appear to answer the Committee’s questions quickly.

“As the current U.S. ambassador to the EU and a State Department official, Ambassador Sondland is obliged to follow the Department’s instructions,” Luskin continued, adding that Sondland is “extremely disappointed that he will not be able to testify today.”

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Luskin noted that Sondland came to the U.S. capital from Brussels “to prepare to testify and be able to answer the Committee’s question.”

According to the informant’s complaint, together with the former U.S. special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker Sondland gave advice to Zelensky, what to do with the demands of the American president.

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