Trump impeachment: Zelensky said he was unaware of military aid delay

Trump impeachment: Zelensky said he was unaware of military aid delay

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine is an independent state, which has more priority problems than the impeachment of the U.S. president.
President Vladimir Zelensky was unaware of the delay in U.S. military aid to Ukraine when he spoke by phone with President Donald Trump on July 25. He said this at a press conference following a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leven, on Wednesday, December 4.

The president also claims that the investigation into the impeachment of the US president has no influence on his work.

“With all due respect to our strategic partner, we have an independent Ukraine, and we have more priority issues,” he said.

Recall, Democrats launched the procedure of impeachment of Trump because of the scandal around his conversation with the President of Ukraine.

According to opponents of the American leader, during the call, he tried to influence Zelinsky in order to start an investigation into the activities in Ukraine of the son of former Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv.

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Trump and Mr. Green deny any pressure during the conversation.

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