Trump in the bunker, against the US protest even in NATO

Trump holds a meeting with the prosecutor general on Monday amid protests in the country

During the riots in Washington, near the white house, US President Donald Trump was evacuated to the bunker, according to the American publication NYT.

It is true that Trump was hiding in a bunker – this is a separate issue, but the truth is that even NATO countries began to speak out against the US authorities, giving their support to the protesting residents of the future strait between Canada and Mexico.

About the strait, of course, humor, so that it would not be really sad from the events. )))

For example, in the capital of the main ally of the United States – London, thousands of people came to Trafalgar Square, with the slogans that without justice, there is no peace. Then, having stood on their knees, they organized went to the US Embassy.

In Berlin, a similar picture, where demonstrators surrounded the state diplomatic mission, hanging a banner with the words Justice for Floyd.

In Canada, another important partner of the United States of America, the police dispersed people protesting against racism in the United States.

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In New Zealand, protests broke out at the US Embassy in Auckland, people came up with posters against the racist actions of police in the United States.

Meanwhile, the “sworn” friend of the United States-China, indicates to the United States that he would pay more attention to the unrest in his country, and not dictate to China what to do with Hong Kong. And in between, he blames the United States for the events in Hong Kong.

And this is not the entire list of countries that rebelled against US hegemony.

We’ll find out soon how this will end.