Trump instructed to increase duties on Chinese goods

Us President Donald Trump has instructed to start increasing duties on goods from China totaling about $ 300 billion a year, us trade representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement released by his press service on Friday.
“Earlier today, on the instructions of us President, we raised the level of tariffs from 10 to 25% on Chinese imports in the amount of about $ 200 billion. The President also ordered us to start the process of increasing duties on all remaining imports from China, which is estimated at about $ 300 billion,” the statement said. The press service also noted that “the public notice and comments will soon be published in the Federal Register.”
Last Sunday, announcing an increase in duties, Trump did not rule out the introduction of protective barriers against other trading positions. After these statements in the media, there were fears that Beijing may cancel the upcoming trade talks in Washington, but on Tuesday the Ministry of Commerce of China confirmed that Vice-Premier of the State Council of China Liu he will visit the United States on may 9-10 to continue consultations, despite Trump’s threats.
Following the results of the next round of talks, Liu said that cooperation remains the only right choice for China and the United States, and it is necessary to solve a whole range of problems.
He also expressed confidence in the further sustainable development of the Chinese economy. Speaking about how to trade contradictions with the US can affect the development of the Chinese economy and whether there are threats of its decline due to growing tensions, he said that “China is not afraid”.

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