Trump persuades Putin to deal

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin invited him to start a relationship with a clean slate. This was reported by the American newspaper The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, Pompeo and the administration of President Donald Trump decided to take advantage of the completion of the case of “Russian interference in the elections” to establish cooperation with Russia on a number of problematic issues for our countries.

In particular, according to the newspaper, we are talking about arms control, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Iran. The WP notes, however, that no significant progress has been made.

Recall, Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to improve relations with Russia, which is a key player in almost all international issues. However, in practice, Moscow saw steps in the opposite direction only.

It is noteworthy that the Russian media did not report any proposals, Pompeo Putin. However, some participants in the negotiations assessed the results of the meeting. So, the head of SVR Sergey Naryshkin declared that it took place in the good, professional atmosphere. He added that the parties showed mutual understanding and tried to find common ground. A number of experts believe that the trip Pompeo was a preparatory step for the future meeting of the American and Russian presidents next month at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, the prospect of which has already stated trump. However, the Kremlin noted that Moscow has not yet received a request for negotiations.

Professor of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov, doctor of political Sciences Andrei Manolo believes that such a proposal from trump is quite possible.

— After the end of the investigation, Muller opened up new opportunities for Trump: he seized the initiative from his pursuers and is now trying to catch up. At the time, Obama offered Russia a “reset”, but nothing came of it. Now, Trump might want to leave him, and in order to outdo Obama and Democrats.

The completion of Mueller’s investigation freed trump from press charges. And this is very serious: trump is now untied hands. But how exactly he will use this chance is a big question. At the talks with Lavrov and Putin, Mike Pompeo revealed trump’s wishes: to stop supporting Maduro, to support us position on Iran, in Libya — too. All this is more like a new round of aggressive business negotiations than a desire to “reset” relations between Russia and the United States. Trump began the election campaign and it is important to look brutal and all in a row bending. It is possible that his request for a meeting with Putin in Osaka is dictated by the desire to promote against the background of a truly recognized powerful leader of the world scale, which is our President.

“SP”: — the Investigation only denied trump’s connection with Moscow, but not Russia’s interference in the elections. Does this mean that the anti-Russian attitude of the establishment has not gone away and will not go away in the near future?

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— Of course, the anti-Russian attitude of the American elite has not gone away, and he will certainly find new reasons to continue the anti-Russian hysteria. The completion of Muller’s investigation is important only for Trump himself and his close relatives. For Russia, Muller’s conclusions will not be of any use, because Trump will not become Pro-Russian one iota. In addition, it is important to understand that Muller’s investigation confirmed the fact of the Russian interference in us elections (“trolls”, contextual advertising in the FB, etc.). Russia continues to be accused of interference, and I would be very surprised if the rehabilitated trump in the near future will not join these prosecutors, becoming one of the most furious of them.

“SP”: — According to the publication, the American side explained to Vladimir Putin that it is ready to start negotiations on problematic issues that concern both Russia and the United States for a long time. How can such negotiations take place and what will they lead to? After all, the parties have diametrically opposed views on these issues?

— Indeed, at the moment in Russian-American relations, there are a lot of problematic issues that Russia and the United States cannot solve without “full contact” remotely. There have been significant differences of principle in the positions of both countries on Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, not to mention Ukraine. At the same time, bilateral relations themselves have reached a deep impasse.

In these circumstances, someone must take a decisive step and break the psychological block. Trump, in principle, can do it and will go down in history, unless it breaks into his favorite language of ultimatums. After all, everyone knows that Vladimir Vladimirovich does not like ultimatums and always answers to any ultimatum very harshly (for which he has great respect — only this can be a real President). But the sequence of trump and “eve” Secretary “Pompey” somehow hard to believe.

Much will depend on how the negotiations will take place, and what kind of formula trump has prepared for them. If trump tries to repeat the way he talked to Kim Jong-un in Hanoi (that is, immediately begin with the presentation of categorical requirements, binding), then obviously from such a “clean slate” will not work. If he comes for the sake of external effect, popiaritsya, the result will be the same. But there is also an understanding that right now Trump needs Russia at least to act as a buffer in negotiations with China, with North Korea, and not only with them.

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SP: what could the United States and Russia find common ground in, and how would this affect the restoration of our relations?

— It would be nice to find common ground in the area called “common sense”. The United States clearly lacks common sense in their foreign policy: they rested horns in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, although they themselves to improve the lives of citizens in these countries do not need to bother: geopolitical games people do not feed. Russia, on the other hand, has unique opportunities to resolve problematic issues with these States peacefully, through negotiations and soft-power influence, since it has never been an aggressor.

The United States, despite its power and aplomb, has much to learn from Russia, and good relations with it can become the basis of a new architecture of international security and stability. And Putin, one of the most powerful politicians in the world, I am sure, could give Trump a few master classes on world politics, and for free. Just to teach how to live in peace with other countries, civilizations, and cultures. So let’s hope for the best, but do not build illusions.

— “Washington post” along with the “new york times” is conducting an information war against trump – said the expert of the Center for political analysis Andrei Tikhonov.

Newspaper many times in the past year denounced in creating antithrombotic fake news. With a high degree of probability, and this information is fake, directed against the owner of the White House. After all, in modern America, a system politician can not cooperate with Russia, if he is not a suicide. No such option. It’s just winding Trump’s image of a Pro-Russian politician, that’s all. The Russian media had also dabbled in such, but now the stuffing to make such a shame.WP writes that Trump has to offer, Putin talks for many problems. In particular, it was about arms control, Venezuela and Iran…

— Negotiations on Iran and Venezuela need Trump with one goal — to force Russia to make concessions and receive foreign policy dividends. The election is around the corner and the President of the United States are required to present voters with at least some success. Such negotiations are useless.

“SP”: — the Head of SVR Naryshkin noted that at the talks the parties showed mutual understanding and tried to find common ground. He also expressed confidence that the talks between Russia and the United States will continue. Can we expect a meeting of the presidents, and most importantly, will it bring at least some results?

— It’s common diplomatic practice. Any negotiations are looking for common ground. But there are no such points between modern Russia and the USA. Therefore, the meeting of the presidents is unlikely.