Trump promised to continue the attack on the “dreamers”

By | June 20, 2020
Trump promised to continue the attack on the

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court torpedoed a previous attempt by the Trump administration

US President Donald Trump said he intends to renew efforts to remove legal protections from the so-called “dreamers” – illegal immigrants who entered the United States as a child.

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court declared illegal the decision of the lower court, which invalidated the DACA program (Deferred Measures for Immigrant Children), enacted in the presidency of Barack Obama.

The DACA program allows “dreamers” —about 650,000 — to avoid deportation and legally work in the United States.

On Twitter, Trump wrote that the Supreme Court’s verdict should not be taken as a defeat since it is “like a game of football”: “We will file more serious documents in the near future.”

Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Head of the Citizenship and Immigration Services, said: “We will act as quickly as we can to offer the president options for action.”

He also looked forward to constructive negotiations with Congress.

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