Trump promised to defeat the” infection “of the coronavirus” in the near future»

The President discussed the epidemic situation with religious leaders
President Donald Trump told religious leaders that the country is in for an “amazing year” and that the US will defeat the coronavirus “soon.”
“We have an amazing year ahead of us. We will defeat this disease. We will defeat this virus and defeat it soon, ” Trump said during an informal conference call with religious leaders. – We will take back our country.”
“We have a very, very powerful year ahead of us because you know what’s in store for us,” Trump continued. Believers need to do this. We must win. So I just want to thank each of you. I’m always here.”

Trump’s conversation with religious leaders took place on the eve of Easter and Passover.

The conference call also included Vice President Mike Pence, who thanked religious leaders for their efforts to encourage social distancing, even if it means that parishioners can’t congregate in religious buildings.

“The President says that we will defeat the coronavirus and come back stronger than ever. It was the faith of the American people that laid the foundation for this great comeback,” Pence said.
After brief speeches by trump and Pence, three religious leaders spoke about the help their organizations are providing against the backdrop of the pandemic.
Trump praised one of these leaders, Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, for creating a field hospital in New York’s Central Park by his organization, Samaritan Purse.
Graham previously stated that the reason for COVID-19 is sin and that humanity “turned away from God”. During the conversation on Wednesday, he thanked Trump and Pence for their work to overcome the crisis.

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“Mr. President, we want to thank You and the Vice President for your leadership,” Graham said. ” Our country would be in trouble if you weren’t President. I shudder to think of the situation we might be in.”
Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama warned that, despite the first signs of the effectiveness of measures on social distancing, their cancellation before the introduction of well-established testing and monitoring could negate the progress made.
“Social distancing flattens the curve and eases the pressure on our heroic medics,” Obama tweeted on Wednesday. – But it will be possible to move away from the current policy only after the key point is a powerful testing and monitoring system, which we have yet to implement nationwide.”

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