Trump relies on instinct in the COVID-19 situation in the US

By | April 12, 2020
How Trump saves the US economic crisis

Us President Donald Trump said that he will make a reasonable decision about the timing of the return of the States to normal life.
In an interview with Fox News, the host of the White House said that people want to return to work, although now the country is raging coronavirus epidemic. Trump said that he will make a decision to remove sanitary restrictions in the near future.

The discussion will involve experts from various fields, including politicians, representatives of the business community and doctors.
Trump added that he will get a solid amount of information during the consultations, but something will depend on instinct: “Like it or not, there is a certain instinct.”
Earlier it became known that the United States came out on top of the number of victims of COVID-19. In total, more than 20 thousand people died from the coronavirus in the country.

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