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“Trump rescues Putin” the US began to raise oil prices

Today it became known that the price of oil surged 3% after the US confirmed the possibility of oil Alliance with Saudi Arabia, this is evidenced by data the London exchange ICE.
The price of Brent crude oil reached 28.13 USD per barrel, a rise of 4.18% (according to global financial portal Investing.com). Oil shows positive dynamics are already stable. It is also worth to mention raw materials WTI, which adds up to 4.62% and the price reaches 24.45 USD. It all started with the fact that the rising cost of raw materials dispersed the statement of us Secretary of energy Dan Bruyette, which confirmed that the US is looking for ways to stabilize the oil market. According to police, the idea of a Union with Saudi Arabia has not yet been formalized and may not be approved, but it is certainly among the number of possible variants of the settlement of the prices for raw materials.

Let me remind you that earlier the American media have already pointed out that the U.S. Department of energy is trying to convince the White House that oil Alliance is essential in order to avoid problems from its own shale industry. There was also information that a number of us senators wrote a letter to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, in which he addressed the Prince with a request to refrain from sharp increases in oil if Saudi Arabia disobeys, the partnership between the two countries will be threatened.

It is worth to mention that the President of the United States Donald Trump has promised to intervene in the “oil war” between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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You know, I always thought that the US would find any way to trip to Russia, but apparently I was wrong. While Sechin recommends abandoning OPEC deal+ in order to harm the United States (not to help our economy), we should not even expect any positive movements of crude oil. Our government apparently so happy with everything in the price tag on raw materials, but the most dangerous and the main opponent in America. Strange, but it is their actions that help us that could not make our dear officials. What do You think about this? Write in the comments!

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