Trump responded to rumors about Parkinson’s disease

Trump responded to rumors about Parkinson's disease

The press was excited that the president was holding a glass of water with both hands and was coming down with the support of the general.
US President Donald Trump commented on press suspicions about his Parkinson’s disease, Mirror Online writes.

After the speech of the head of the White House at the graduation ceremony at the military academy in West Point, where Trump held a glass of water with both hands and also clung to the military man while descending on a gentle frame, the media began to write that the president had health problems.

The American leader noted that he did not want to slip and spill water, because he spent hours on the stage as part of the event.

“I spent hours on the stage. Hours! The sun. I returned home – I had a good tan. I made a speech, I saluted an hour or more,” Trump said.

He added that he wore leather-soled shoes that day, as reported to the general.

“I said:“ General, I can’t get there without falling to the fifth point, ”Trump said.

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According to him, the general offered him his help during the descent, and a few meters before the end, the American leader thanked him and went down on his own. The head of the White House specified that he learned from the media about his Parkinson’s disease from his wife Melania Trump