Trump's rating has fallen to the lowest values during his presidency

Trump’s rating has fallen to the lowest values during his presidency

U.S. President Donald Trump’s approval rating dropped to 34 percent, the lowest in his four years in office, according to a poll conducted by Morning Consult in conjunction with Politico newspaper.
According to the poll, 34% approve of Trump’s actions, while 63% hold the opposite viewpoint.

That said, Trump’s approval rating among voters who support the Republican Party is still high at 75%. However, this value was higher in a similar survey conducted in December 2020 – then 83% of polled Republicans supported the president. Also, the level of support for Trump among independent voters has decreased, now his actions approve of 29% of them, in December, this figure was 38%.
Politico notes that for nearly four years, Trump’s approval rating has been “unusually stable,” and has generally been locked in a range of “nearly 40 to nearly 50.” The newspaper attributes the drop in his approval rating to his refusal to accept the results of the U.S. presidential election, as well as the turmoil at the Capitol last week.
The poll was conducted from Jan. 8-11. There were 1,966 registered voters who took part in it. The margin of error is two percentage points. Morning Consult is a private company founded in 2013 that specializes in research technology and online polling.

On January 6, Trump called on supporters at a rally near the White House to march to the Capitol to “help weak Republicans” challenge the election results. A crowd of Trump supporters laid siege to the U.S. Capitol, stormed into the building, and interrupted a joint session of Congress where Joe Biden’s presidential victory was being asserted. Members of Congress were evacuated to safety, where they remained cramped for several hours. Five people died. Democrats in Congress intend to impeach Trump in the House on charges of sedition.

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